Mission and Vision

preparing a diverse community of students to overcome the obstacles of the future and to lead
the next generation. We strive to maintain a safe, secure, and caring environment where
students can reach their full potential and creative minds can thrive.

To prepare a generation empowered by lifelong learning, individual growth, and inspired by International culture.

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Welcome to ZEMAS International Schools, where future pioneers are made and the Best International School in Istanbul. We aim to occupy the forefront among the international educational institutions that aim for a 21st unique education and to practice the noble values ​​derived from our Islamic, Arab and Turkish culture.

ZEMAS International School in Istanbul provide American Education in Istanbul by teaching the American curriculum from the state of California, accredited by the International Accreditation Authority (AİAA), with a license from the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Zemas International School in Istanbul We adopt a three-language system, as the English language is the language of education, while also giving great attention to teaching the Arabic language as it is the language of Islam and the Holy Quran, as well as teaching the principles of the Turkish language to achieve an easy integration into the Turkish society.

ZEMAS International School in Istanbul provide distinguished laboratories based on (STEAM) education to make subjects like science, technology, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and physics enjoyable through hands-on experiments and real-life examples of how these subjects govern the roles of the world around us and use these subjects to as access points for guiding students inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Registration is open for all stages for the new academic year (2021/2022).
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For more information about registration and discount policy, you can contact us through the numbers:
00905538307905 📞
00905538307906 📞
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