Welcome to ZEMAS International College has earned accreditation for five years by Cognia  (AdvancED), Organization as an international school that offers the American program,. Cognia (AdvancED) is a non-profit organization that grants accreditation to schools and school systems after conducting an on-site evaluation that is based on a set of research-based standards. Cognia (AdvancED) is about a hundred years old as an accreditation organization that is currently serving about 34,000 schools and school systems in the United States and 70 other countries. We are also licensed as an international school by the Ministry of Education in Turkey. We offer an American program from kindergarten to Grade 12 students that is based on Common Core State Standards. We use inquiry-based and hands-on activities to deliver our curriculum. Our teachers use a variety of teaching and assessment methods in order to meet the needs of our students. In addition to using English as the main language of instruction, we teach the Arabic language which is the Holy Quran language. We also teach the Turkish language as a third language which allows our students to mingle and enjoy the country they are living in. In addition to teaching the core subjects, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, we teach the following subjects: the Holy Quran, Islamic Studies, Islamic History, Arabic, Turkish & other World Languages, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Computer & IT. We earned accreditation from STEM .org USA, We are SAT and AP test center from College Board USA.

Our students enjoy modern facilities including science labs, a Robotics lab, a 3D printer lab, computer labs, a gymnasium, sports facilities, a library and well-equipped classrooms that include smart boards. We care about the overall well-being of our students; this is why we make sure we take care of their academic, social and emotional needs. We also work on our students’ character building by involving them in activities that allow them to acquire the Islamic values. We offer our students the services of a specialized counselor, a school doctor and specialized ESL & ASL coordinators. We have an extra-curricular program that is offered during the

school day and after school; it includes Swimming, Football, Basketball, Music, Art, Drama, and some clubs such as Environmental Club, Community Service Club, Math Club, Science Club, Cooking Club, Chess Club, Debate Club and others. The school is divided into four sections:

Kindergarten: KG1and KG2

Elementary School: Grades 1-6

Middle School: Grades 7-8

High School: Grades 9-12

For our students to graduate and earn ZEMAS American High School Diploma they need to successfully complete some courses during Grades 9-12 from the following subject areas: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, Computer & IT, Art, Music and World Languages such as Turkish. Our high school program is a college-preparatory program, which means we teach the students the concepts and skills that allow them to take certain entrance exams required by most colleges in the USA and Canada such as SAT, AP and TOFEL.

We have a college counselor who works with Grade 9-12 students to provide information about universities in Turkey and abroad. The college counselor also provides advice to our students about the college admissions process and requirements such as recommendation letters, transcripts and the needed standardized exams they have to take. We offer our Grade 11 and 12 students Advanced Placement (AP) courses that increase their chances of being accepted in certain colleges in the USA, Canada, Turkey and other countries; in addition, this allows them to earn course credits for related subjects in certain colleges based on certain the scores that different colleges require. Our teachers are the most important assets at our school, that’s why we make sure that we only hire the best and the most skilled. In addition, we provide regular training on classroom management, modern assessment methods, and the integration of technology in the classroom. We implemented this strategy to provide our teachers with the academic, social, and emotional needs for our students, they are prepared very well to work with the students onsite and online at the same time.

We have also implemented an advisory system, where we assign an advisor for each grade. Their responsibility is to follow up on the academic performance of the students and work with them on activities that implement their Islamic and social values. I joined ZIC in June 2022. I have 4 diplomas, a bachelor degree in Education Math department from the Suez Canal University in Ismailia in Egypt. I earned a degree in Educational leadership and management from Notting Hill College in England, A Master’s degree in Education leadership and management and a PHD in educational administration. My journey that led me to ZEMAS International College started in 1995 when I was a Math teacher at Manar American International School in Egypt, I was teaching grades 1 to 12 and preparing students for SAT exam. In 1998, I led a research-based study with Kings College in London focused on the educational systems in the UK and how to integrate them in the educational systems in our countries. In 2004, I earned a diploma in Educational Technology and IT integration strategies training from PFC in the USA. In 2006, I participated in the Educational Development Program at EQUAL in Egypt. In 2007, I participated in the Cognia (AdvancED) Five Star Professional Development program. In 2014, I worked at Manarat Al Madinah International School in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and became the head of the accreditation team and academic vice principal. In 2015 I became the school principal for the boys’ section and the academic coordinator for both sections boys and girls. In 2016, I became an eleot certified trainer which stands for Effective Learning Environments Observation Tools under Cognia (AdvancED). Between 2017 and 2018, I became the leader of the accreditation committee under Maarif Group for the district accreditation and a member of the Cognia (AdvancED) Committee giving accreditation to schools in Saudi Arabia, In 2018 I worked as school Director for Safir international school for 4 years.

My vision for ZIC is to make it the best school in Turkey.


Mr Mahmoud Saddoun

School General Director.

ZEMAS International School in Istanbul provide distinguished laboratories based on (STEAM) education to make subjects like science, technology, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, and physics enjoyable through hands-on experiments and real-life examples of how these subjects govern the roles of the world around us and use these subjects to as access points for guiding students inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

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